Panthera tigris sumatran subspecies

Sumatran Tiger Credit to:

Tigers are a species that is seen as captivating by many across the world. We need to use this admiration to save this species in the wild because it needs our help.

Tiger Subspecies Edit

Bengal - 1st in population 5,000 left Panthera tigris tigris Indochinese - 2nd in population 2,500 left Panthera tigris corbetti Malaysian - 3rd in population 200-300 left Panthera tigris jacksoni Sumatran - 4th in population 700-900 left Panthera tigris sumatrae Siberian - 5th in population 700-900 left Panthera tigris altaica Southern Chinese - 6th in population 30-80 left Panthera tigris amoyensis Javanese - EXTINCT since 1980s Panthera tigris sondaica Caspian - EXTINCT since 1950s Panthera tigris virgata Balinese - EXTINCT since 1930s Panthera tigris balica Pleistocene Cat - EXTINCT since the last ice age 10,000 years ago

8,430-8,680 tigers left in the wild due to habitat destruction, poaching, and rancher aggressiveness.